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Common Agenda:

Pomona’s Economy is Thriving and Prosperous.

Significant achievements:

  • Sponsored a Developers Summit with San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership in Sept. 2018.

  • Sponsored Opportunity Zone Conference in November 2019.

  • Restaurant Guide: Promoted local restaurants by creating a “Pomona Eateries” brochure.

Workshops:  Working in conjunction with the Pomona Chamber of Commerce to organize and host workshops for local businesses.  Most recent scheduled:

  • Small Business Curb Appeal

  • Big Business to Small Business

  • Shop Pomona

  • Business Watch Workshop


  • Connecting Small Business with Big Business:  Helps small businesses become approved vendors with the largest entities in Pomona, to take the largest recurring goods/services that are currently being purchased outside the city and keep the sales/revenues with our local businesses.

  • Development & Redevelopment:  Invite developers to improve our corridors with new projects (mixed-use, housing, retail)

  • PBID Work Group (Property-based Business Improvement District):  Create new PBID or similar organized association

  • Business Friendly Environment:  Increase the number of businesses that offer solid jobs; welcome businesses to Pomona 

  • Homeownership:  Encourage and educate families to become homeowners to build wealth and stability

Participants: Pomona Chamber of Commerce, Pomona City Manager & Deputy City Manager, Director of Cal Poly Center for Community Engagement, Downtown Pomona Owners Association, LA County of Education GAIN office (workforce development), Jeved Management, members of the local business and financial sectors.

Get involved:  Contact Hector Lopez